Redwood Contracting LLC continues to be a leader in new construction and renovations in Fairfield and Westchester counties.  I have helped my clients achieve their dreams by efficiently managing the construction process from value engineering and permitting through final close-out and continuing support and service.  I am dedicated to a level of service and attention to detail that can only be provided by focusing on the needs of my clients.  I am interested in establishing continuing relationships with my clients.  Redwood looks to provide its clients with a full range of services to help a homeowner maintain, protect, and enhance their most treasured asset, their Home.

Redwood has been responsible for construction projects in the Fairfield and Westchester counties including new construction projects, whole house renovations and bathroom and kitchen remodels.  I worked with clients who had detailed architectural plans, as well as with clients who have developed their own design ideas directly with me.  I believe I understand the needs of my clients and have worked diligently to help make their architectural wishes become reality.  My construction management services provide my clients with high quality craftsmanship, durability of design, and cost transparency.


A Commitment to Quality, Durability, & Transparency

Establishing continuing relationships by providing a full range of services dedicated to maintaining, protecting, and enhancing your most treasured asset, your Home.